Once Kept In Cages In Korea, These Dogs Are Finding New Homes In The U.S And Canada

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Since the era of the Three Kingdoms of Korea in 57 A.D., the consumption of dog meat has been a controversial part of South Korean cuisine. Though as much as 30% of the population has tried dog meat at least once in their life, a much smaller percentage actually consumes it regularly.

With the tradition in fast decline, the Humane Society International (HSI) has taken the initiative to close dog meat farms in Korea and send the rescued dogs to the U.S. and Canada. The latest of the closed dog meat farms has 250 animals that are hoping to find new homes in the West.

A dog meat farmer in Wonju, South Korea, has agreed to close down his facility, and, with the help of the HSI, find 250 dogs new homes.

The dogs were kept under deplorable conditions. They lived in small, cramped cages and were never shown affection…or the outside world.

So far, 79 of the dogs have already made their way to the U.S. Six of them went to the SPCA of Texas. There the dogs are already learning how to play!

The dogs will be medically evaluated and should soon be up for adoption.

It won’t be long before the remaining 171 dogs will be shipped to other shelters that have partnered with HSI all over the U.S. and Canada.

Meet two of the rescued pups, Cedric and Mendy!

The HSI continues to work on shutting down dog meat farms in a way that ensures the safety of the rescued pups. Visit their website to place a donation…every little bit counts. The funds go toward care for the animals, as well as support for the group’s Chinese partners.

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