Outrageous: NYC Fleet Week canceled due to ‘sequester’; New Yorkers heartbroken


Sequestration scare-mongering has claimed another victim: New York City Fleet Week.

I’ve been hearing rumors that Fleet Week is being cancelled due to the Federal Gov budget cuts. Damn shame!!!

— Carol(@ceeshan) April 24, 2013

No. You know what the real shame is? That our men and women in uniform are once again being used as political pawns in the budget fight.

Via Gothamist:

The city government issued a statement, “We understand the Navy’s budgetary limitations and hope that the Fleet Week tradition can continue in 2014.”

The city has been informed by the Navy that this year’s Fleet Week is officially cancelled due to budget sequestration. via @abc

— Shannon Lee Gilstad (@ShannonLGilstad) April 24, 2013

Evidently, there’s enough spare money lying around to send $250 million in “aid” to tyrannical regimes and to throw lavish, star-studded parties at the White House. But maintaining a nearly 30-year-old tradition that honors our military? The government just can’t swing it.

The sequester just got personal. I’m not okay with this. ow.ly/knLM4

— Bethany S. Mandel (@bethanyshondark) April 24, 2013

Here’s the statement from Beth Baker, Fleet Week’s Director of Public Affairs:

“Unfortunately, there will be no Navy ships in New York this year for Fleet Week and no additional Sailors or Marines. We look forward to the opportunity to participate in future Fleet Weeks and we greatly appreciate the city’s patience and understanding during these unusual times. Thank you NYC for what you do for our service men and women each and every day. Hope to see you next year!”

We hope so, too. For now, though, New Yorkers are extremely disappointed:

@diepthought What? Noooo! Fleet Week is the best week of the year.

— Linda(@PataphysicalSci) April 24, 2013

Ships will not be dock on the Hudson River, NYC this year. Budget cuts canceled #FleetWeek 🙁

— Vanessa Warren (@MuphoricSounds) April 24, 2013

So they just gonna cancel Fleet Week?!?

— Jenny (@layenny) April 24, 2013

They cancelled Fleet Week… This is unacceptable 😡

— Piaaaa ♓ (@pia_jeraldine) April 24, 2013

What do you mean there’s no more fleet week?! #NYC

— FRANK FAY (@FrankFay) April 24, 2013


Fleet Week is cancelled this year. 😩No sailors.. No Navy Seals.. No Marines.. No men in uniform 😭😭

— Bianka Christin (@_FuckYouToo) April 24, 2013

I JUST found my Navy uniform during Spring cleaning, and now I find out #FleetWeek is cancelled b/c of the fucking #sequester.

— Sur Madam (@SurMadam) April 24, 2013

No Fleet Week this is BS😡😡😡

— m. (@xoxomalaika) April 24, 2013


I am so sad Fleet Week has been cancelled

— B (@BeMags) April 24, 2013

Ships will not dock on the Hudson River, NYC this year. Budget cuts canceled #FleetWeek 🙁

— Vanessa Warren (@MuphoricSounds) April 24, 2013

FLEET WEEK IS CANCELLED?!? I am so mad !!!!!!!!!

— melissa marie (@melmarie2492) April 24, 2013

NYC Fleet week has been canceled. #bummer. I really enjoyed it, especially the F16s flying by gothamist.com/2013/04/24/new…

— Moe (@Moe_NYC) April 24, 2013

NYC has been informed by the Navy that Fleet Week is officially cancelled due to budget sequestration – what a shame

— John Quaglione (@JQuaglione) April 24, 2013

what?! this is a travesty! RT @gothamist: New York City Fleet Week Officially Cancelled

— dancing_echoes (@dancing_echoes) April 24, 2013

I am HEARTBROKEN that #nyc will not be having #fleetweek this year due to Sequester. Such a great family and military event. So sad.

— Kerri (@KerriK2NYC) April 24, 2013

Oh, and did we mention that the Democrats’ pettiness will also have negative financial consequences for New York City?

NYC looses $20 million as #FleetWeek is cancelled.

— Edison A. Bardowell (@EdisonBardowell) April 24, 2013

@kimisaurus_rawr @gothamist that’s really a shame. fleet week brings in a lot of money to local businesses.

— William Ruben Helms (@yankee32879) April 24, 2013

This isn’t just a blow to New Yorkers who have come to cherish Fleet Week; it’s also a slap in the face of our military.

Fleet Week cancelled. Major opportunity to connect to the civilian population lost. People barely understand us as it is.

— Myke Cole (@MykeCole) April 24, 2013

What an absolute shame.



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