‘Outsiders’ throw bricks at what was to be peaceful BLM protest

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Earlier today, police managed to raze the tent city protesters had erected outside of the Fourth PrecinctPolice Department and set up barriers around the building in anticipation of more #Justice4Jamar protests tonight. Police had to wrestle the barriers from demonstrators who tried to make off with them.

That’s a good indicator of how the night was going to go, despite pleas from Jamar Clark’s family that things remain peaceful.

Peaceful protest? Where’s DeRay? Still advising on the terror raids in the suburbs of Paris, which he fears might be witch hunts?

Oh wait, here he is.

Note that protesters denotes only those “official” protesters there for the cause, not the outside agitators with no affiliation with #BlackLivesMatter.

They’re not rubber bullets.

We thought the organized protesters had requested that its members not talk to members of the racist mainstream media.

Mace fight!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/11/18/minneapolis-blacklivesmatter-agitators-say-brick-throwers-not-part-of-organized-protest/

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