Paging Candy Crowley: Jay Carney repeats Benghazi lie from debates!/TPCarney/status/332945072435892224

Carney said Obama used act of terror in Rose Garden. Wasn’t that the Candy Crowley lie in the 1st debate? I can’t keep up w all the lies!

— Janice (@jcdwms) May 10, 2013

Attention Candy Crowley: you’re needed for a “fact check” in the White House press briefing room. Once again, someone from the White House is claiming that President Barack Obama described the “spontaneous demonstration” in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 as a terrorist attack the following day. Obama himself made that claim during the presidential debates and was backed up by “moderator” Candy Crowley who just wanted to “move things along.” Obama thanked Crowley for running interference and encouraged people to check the transcript; those who did, however, learned that Mitt Romney’s claim was correct. But that happened a long time ago; what difference, at this point, do the facts make?

Just incredible that Carney reused the “act of terror” claim today despite CBS transcript.

— John Sexton (@verumserum) May 10, 2013

Carney: “The president himself said in the Rose Garden this was an act of terror”. Somewhere in Cali, Mitt Romney grimaces..

— Raf Sanchez (@rafsanchez) May 10, 2013

Carney bringing it back to the Rose Garden/”act of terror” moment. Candy Crowley/Debate instantly coming to my mind.

— Ali Vitali (@alivitali) May 10, 2013

LIE: Carney just said President called #Benghazi an “act of terror” in the Rose Garden.

— L. North (@LadyLNorth) May 10, 2013

[email protected]presssec is so full of it on #Benghazi – Obama never specifically called the Benghazi an “act of terror” in the Rose garden #liar

— JivinJ (@JivinJehoshaph) May 10, 2013

Ugh. Once again, WH spinning Rose Garden statement — “no acts of terror” actually means “this act of terror.” #liar

— Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) May 10, 2013

So we’re still on the Rose Garden “act of terror” thing? How long is @barackobama gonna get away w/ claiming that bs?

— Isaac Townes (@IsaacTownes) May 10, 2013

@secupp Obama called Benghazi a terrorist attack day after in the rose garden, what????

— Joe Bonano Jr. (@Gotmade) May 10, 2013

The reference to terrorism in the Rose Garden was not attributinga terrorist act to Benghazi- context matters – stupid stupid stupid

— Karen Walker (@walkerkpt) May 10, 2013

Obama did not say it was terrorists in the Rose Garden did he?? #Benghazi

— PattyLittleGIANTKing (@chessie1000) May 10, 2013

Hey @presssec Jay Carney, even @crowleycnn backed away from the “Act of Terror” Rose Garden presser #Benghazi reference.

— Blame Big Government (@BlameBigGovt) May 10, 2013

Lets go to the video tape:Obama To Romney On Rose Garden Remarks: ‘Get The Transcript’:

— ProGun AntiViolence (@BergenANTS) May 10, 2013

At the risk of testing Mr. Carney’s dwindling patience, how does that explain the president then blaming the video for weeks afterward, both at the U.N. and during an appearance on David Letterman’s show?

Obama DID NOT call Benghazi “an act of terror” in the Rose Garden. Weeks later he was still blaming the video.

— Average Joann (@Avg_Joann) May 10, 2013

Obama made general statement about terrorism in the Rose Garden, THEN went to the UN to repeatedly blame the video-driven demonstration.

— politicat1 (@politicat1) May 10, 2013

@presssec it doesn’t matter what POTUS said in the Rose Garden it MATTERS what he said for 2 weeks following what he said in the Rose Garden

— Susan Reaney (@SSReaney) May 10, 2013

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