Pleasantly Surprising Animal Facts Will Put A Smile On Your Face.

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Are you sick of depressing or strange animals facts? You know the kind that tell you how many spider eggs your probably ate unknowingly ate with breakfast? Me, too. Animals are awesome, so let’s talk about how awesome they are. Here are 31 pleasantly surprising animal facts to brighten up your day.

1.) When cats head butt you, they are showing trust to make you feel safe.

2.) Dogs sneeze to show other dogs that they’re being playful, not aggressive.

3.) Studies have shown that goats have accents. Also they look adorable in sweaters.

4.) A “fluffle” is what you call a group of rabbits.

6.) When flamingoes are hanging out together they’re called a “flamboyance”.

6.) Crows are actually super smart. They even play pranks on each other just for fun.

7.) Dolphins know, and have names for each other. It certainly makes dolphin get togethers a lot easier.

8.) Groups of fuzzy, lovable pugs are known as “grumbles.”

9.) Thank your local squirrels for all those new trees. Hundreds of trees grow every year because of squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts.

10.) Elephant shrews are actually closely related to elephants.

11.) Newborn pandas are no heavier than a cup of tea.

12.) Oysters can change their sex. It just depends on which is more advantageous for mating.

13.) Nose prints for dogs are like finger prints for humans. No two are exactly alike.

14.) The chow is the only dog without a pink tongue.

15.) The reason bats don’t walk, is because they can’t. Their leg bones are too thin.

16.) Killer whales are actually a species of dolphin.

17.) Fireflies are completely harmless. They don’t even carry diseases.

18.) Male turtles grunt, and female turtles hiss. That’s how you can tell them apart.

19.) A tuna can swim up to 40 miles in one day.

20.) Goat’s milk has more calcium than cow’s milk.

21.) Polar bears give off no detectable heat.

22.) Chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs, and chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs. Weird.

23.) Federally certified search and rescue dogs cost about $10,000 to train. We couldn’t find a picture of one, so here’s the next best example of a dog coming to the rescue.

24.) The country with the most dogs is the United States. France has the second most.

25.) Bulls are colorblind, and can’t see the color red.

26.) Frogs absorb water through their skin.

27.) Instead of greying, giraffes fur darkens as they age.

28.) A champagne cork is more likely to kill you than a deadly spider. That’s actually a load off my mind.

29.) Adults bears can run as fast as horses.

30.) Humming birds can fly backwards. They’re the only birds who can do this.

31. Sea horses are the slowest fish in the sea. They swim at only 0.01 MPH.

(H/T: Distractify) Nice to know that champagne will probably kill me instead of that nasty looking spider in the corner. Spread the knowledge by clicking below to share this post on Facebook.

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