Proud progressive Cher takes on ‘tea bagger’ from Misfit Politics!/gopfirecracker/status/313813532577775616

It didn’t take much to set off Cher tonight, as she greeted her “lovelies” on Twitter with a simple “hi.” Misfit Politics’ editor-in-chief decided to reach out and say hello.

Hi Cher. Are you still a liberal? I hope not. RT @cher: Hi

— Leah (@gopfirecracker) March 19, 2013

A simple “yes” would have been plenty, but not nearly as entertaining, and Cher is a consummate entertainer.

@gopfirecrackerI am a Progressive !I read,believe in science, don’t believe dinosaur’s lived with ppl, believe ALL Women Should be

— Cher(@cher) March 19, 2013

@gopfirecracker protected, that Iraq & Afghanistan wars were started with a lie, that u don’t need 30 round clips& hallow head bullets,

— Cher(@cher) March 19, 2013

@gopfirecracker that Missippi did not actually abolish slavery til just now, that destitute children & old ppl should be fed ! Yes asshole

— Cher(@cher) March 19, 2013

@gopfirecracker Im STILL A LIBERAL! I could Have Gone All day, but I’m sure you get my drift…well if you belong 2 Tea baggers have someone

— Cher(@cher) March 19, 2013

@gopfirecrackerto your dumb ass !💋

— Cher(@cher) March 19, 2013

@cher @gopfirecracker FIESTY CHER

— Rebecca Roberts (@rebeccabr97) March 19, 2013

Dang. Ya leave Twitter for five minutes and come back to a @cher hissy fit. Simmer down, sweetie. It’s only Monday.

— Leah (@gopfirecracker) March 19, 2013

@cnservativepunk @gopfirecracker That whole rant should be used in a PSA to keep kids off of drugs and in school.

— Ashley Lynn (@AshuhLeee_Lynn) March 19, 2013

@gopfirecracker your not a true conservative until youve been illogically and insanely ranted at by @cher. You must be doing something right

— Christopher Boyer (@Chris2222000) March 19, 2013

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