Racist, woman-hating Sen. Kelly Ayotte dares to question Obama on Benghazi


Those “attacks” on the president from the GOP you’ve been hearing about? We suppose some people would consider New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s tweet one of them. Stop attacking President Obama with all of these questions!

@buzzfeedben @kellyayotte yes, why didn’t the president dispatch Superman to Benghazi to save our folks?

— funke sangodeyi (@punjathon) October 26, 2012

Oh good Christ. RT @kellyayotte: Mr. President, the American people deserve to know whether requests for help were denied in Benghazi.

— Kyle (@LiberalCanuck) October 26, 2012

SO IT BEGINTINUES RT @kellyayotte: Mr. President, the American people deserve to know whether requests for help were denied in Benghazi.

— James Poulos (@jamespoulos) October 26, 2012

@buzzfeedben @kellyayotte Oh, please…enough already…I’m the American People and I’m tired of all this politizicing a tragedy…

— Fela(@heladas) October 26, 2012

@utaustinliberal @kellyayotte The american people want you idiots to stop politicizing the deaths of diplomats when your azzes cut funds.

— Eric Bogan (@bogan3253) October 26, 2012

@kellyayotte seriously? Are you actually THAT FN STOOPID?!

— Bad Hussein Taz (@cantdance2it) October 27, 2012

@kellyayotte we will know it after the investigation is complete. Good grief. Americans need to stop trying to keep up with the 24/7 news

— Mrs. Corie (@mrscorie) October 26, 2012

@kellyayotteAmericans want to see Mitt Romney’stax returns!!

— brisgrl (@brisgrl) October 26, 2012

@buzzfeedben @kellyayotte political opportunism from you is worse than those who let security lack on dead Americans in Libya

— Hasan Ahmad (@hasanahmad80) October 26, 2012


@utaustinliberal @kellyayotte: Kelly Ayotte, please STFU and stop politicizing the death of Americans. Your party sickens me #racistgop

— Bridgette Johnson (@BridgetteJohns2) October 26, 2012

Aren’t we over those bumps in the road yet?

@kellyayotte Give Benghazi a rest, will you? It was unfortunate. It happened. End of story.

— Wayne Boyd (@Nonanticipative) October 27, 2012

@kellyayotte Americans deserve to know where Willard stands on EVERY issue. He’s “Multiple Mitt”. He stands for nothing except himself.

— BlueSF (@BlueSFPolitico) October 27, 2012

@kellyayotte Is that all you can talk about?

— DONNA HAMPTON (@djhkno) October 27, 2012

@kellyayotte OMG give it up already #desperateGOP #beatingADeadHorse

— Alex Cavalli (@bronsonTKO) October 27, 2012

@kellyayotte-American people deserve to know why you & your fellow Republicans failed to provide sufficient funds to protect US embassies

— Avanti Sempre (@avantisempre) October 27, 2012

Angry aging white man Ayotte is just another foot soldier in the GOP’s war on women!

@kellyayotte The GOP party is no more – just a group of angry aging white guys that don’t fact check their information and hate women!

— KevinWaddell (@KevinWaddell3) October 27, 2012

The president had a grueling interview with MTV’s Sway earlier today, so we’re sure he appreciates his fans running interference. Ayotte has her supporters as well, though.

@kellyayotte The facts are in, Senator. They were denied 3 times.Let’s try some boldness as a United States Senator and GOP leader please.

— SheilaKihne (@SheilaKihne) October 27, 2012

@kellyayotte Thank you for speaking out, where is everybody else? We pay their salaries, we deserve answers.

— Rhonda Williams (@rhondadon) October 27, 2012

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