Rep. Louise Slaughter’s amendment to abolish ‘clearly politicized’ Benghazi committee fails –

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Rep. Louise Slaughter, top Democrat on theHouse Rules Committee, put forward an amendment Tuesday night toabolishthe Select Committee on Benghazi, before which former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is scheduled to testify Oct. 22.

Well, this is something we should politicize. It is relevant to our common life together. To the body politic.

In a statement on her website, Slaughter managed to conflate Benghazi and Planned Parenthood.

My amendment would strike the Planned Parenthood select panel and replace it with a resolution which would abolish the Benghazi Select Committee to ensure that the Houses work is kept in appropriate bounds.Speaker-in-Waiting Kevin McCarthy accidentally told the truth last week and admitted that the Benghazi select committee had one mission alone: to influence a presidential election.

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