RNC mystery speaker: Reports say Clint Eastwood; Do you feel lucky, punks?

Some reporting that the "mystery" speaker tonight at the GOP Convention will be Clint Eastwood.

#GOP2012 #ClintEastwood


— Joshua Reynolds (@joshjreynolds) August 30, 2012

As Twitchy has reported, the Republican National Convention mystery speaker has been causing lots of buzz.

@Lisa_Carino Everyone is saying Clint Eastwood but Romney campaign won't confirm!

— Toby Harnden (@tobyharnden) August 30, 2012

The mystery may finally be solved!

Fox News source: Yep, Clint Eastwood is tonight’s mystery speaker; Update: Confirmation? http://t.co/5QmQuFHH

— Oldfox (@RemoveFromPower) August 30, 2012

Fox News source: Yep, Clint Eastwood is tonight’s mystery speaker; Update: Confirmation? « Hot Air http://t.co/qAlIYLoM via @hotairblog

— D R (@nc1776) August 30, 2012

Oh, my! Evidently, Fox News sources are confirming it, as is Romney friend Paul Gilbert.

Twitter users are thrilled.

Clint Eastwood is looking more like the surprise TBA speaker. I think that would be pretty awesome…. http://t.co/qdGVyzcr

— Victoria Taft (@VictoriaTaft) August 30, 2012

Rumor has it that the secret guest at RNC is Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood. That would make my day.

— Chuck Baker (@BigBoyBaker) August 30, 2012

Clint Eastwood speaking tonight at the RNC will hopefully appeal to the highly coveted "get off my damn lawn!" demographic.

— Michael Deppisch (@deppisch) August 30, 2012

If Clint Eastwood speaks at the RNC, will he say to the Dems, in a Dirty Harry-esque manner "Do you feel lucky today, punk?"

— Jonathan Gerber (@nwpickwick) August 30, 2012

Aww, yeah!

Stay tuned to Twitchy tonight for full coverage of all the speeches!

Update: Will media “fact check”?

@snarkandboobs I can't wait for the media to fact check Sudden Impact @TwitchyTeam

— Fingers Malloy (@FingersMalloy) August 30, 2012

Heh. Make his day!

Our #Vegas headliner @TaylorHicks will perform at #RNC2012 TONIGHT. Then Clint Eastwood will speak.

— Lisa Remillard (@LisaRemillard) August 30, 2012

Update: It’s confirmed!

CNN confirms that Clint Eastwood will be tonight's "mystery guest" at the GOP convention in Tampa.

— Justin Lear (@CNNJustin) August 30, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/30/rnc-mystery-speaker-reports-indicate-it-is-clint-eastwood-do-you-feel-lucky-punks/

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