Sears and Kmart disavow Jason Biggs’ filthy tweets!/Sears/status/242292310715543553

The dam begins to break.

Nickelodeon execs who thought this would blow over and be forgotten during the holiday weekend will be sorely disappointed.

Thank you @Sears for taking a stand for decency. Jason Biggs' behavior on twitter and in life is vile and despicable.

— freedom4me (@freedom4meGOP) September 2, 2012

The LEAST all of the @NickelodeonTV advertisers could do is disavow @Jasonbiggs remarks & push for his dismissal..thank you @Sears

— Linda (@WYVettelvr) September 2, 2012

Dear @NickelodeonTV and @Sears, I'm willing to forgive @JasonBiggs if he makes a full public apology & cleans up his act. Regards, Hair

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) September 2, 2012

Dear @Sears,As a consumer I respect your position regarding Jason Biggs.I've reviewed his tweets & he doesn't deserve the attention of kids.

— Zanne (@ZoomZanne) September 2, 2012

Thank you @Sears for taking time to look into the abhorrent behavior that apparently @NickelodeonTV condones of in regards to @JasonBiggs

— Pete (@SoCalPete) September 2, 2012

thank you, @Sears. via @TwitchyTeam

— Prudence Paine (@PruPaine) September 2, 2012

Thank you @Sears ! Standing up for what is right always pays off! #tcot

— Marybeth (@MBGlenn) September 2, 2012


Kmart, which is owned by Sears Holding Co., released the same statement:

@TwitchyTeam We sincerely apologize to any customers who were offended. We certainly do not condone (cont)

— Kmart (@Kmart) September 2, 2012


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