She Thought Her Daughter’s Favorite Craft Was Harmless. Then This Happened.

Just about every kid has made some kind of silly-putty, gak, or slime with borax. That said, what happened to this little girl in Massachusetts is making me think twice about letting my kids break out this popular craft supply.

Borax in small amounts is not dangerous. It’s comprised of water, sodium, oxygen, and boron, and is very similar to baking soda. Many people use it to make homemade cleaners and laundry detergent, but an important step in any borax project is diluting it with water, especially before touching it with your bare hands. From the looks of what happened to this little girl, that detail was overlooked.

Eleven-year-old Kathleen Quinn made slime at a sleepover in mid-March, but when she came home, she kept complaining that her hands hurt.

Kathleen’s mom took a closer look and was shocked by what she saw. The family rushed to the hospital, where doctors informed them that she’d suffered third-degree burns.

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The Quinns are hoping that by sharing their story, other children can avoid the painful experience that Kathleen has endured. If your kids are using borax in a craft project, consider supplying them with latex gloves. While extended exposure is rare, it’s worth taking every precaution.

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