She Thought Her Skin Would Look Beautiful After A Salon Visit, But This Happened Instead

We go to spas to unwind and get treatments that help our skin look its best, but there was nothing relaxing about what this poor woman experienced.

Juli, or “Bun Bun” from B For BunBun is a beauty blogger who loves sharing tips about choosing and applying different types of makeup. In 2013, she decided to treat herself to a salon facial, but her spa treatment turned into a nightmare when an allergic reaction caused severe acne to pop up all over her face.

Juli says she’s never had flawless skin, but her complexion changed significantly after receiving the treatment.

The next day, she noticed a few pimples on her temples and forehead.

By that night, it had gotten worse.

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She started wearing a mask on the third day…

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…because her acne just kept spreading. Juli finally contacted the salon and was told by a facial therapist that she had sensitive skin, so she went back to have the pus extracted. The people from the salon also applied a cream to her face that was supposed to help.

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However, it only got more severe the next day.

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“From the first round of extraction, they kept lying to me that ‘tomorrow your skin will be better.’ It never [improved],” she said.

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A second extraction did nothing to get rid of the acne.

B For BunBun

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At that point, she went to see a doctor, who told her it was just an acne breakout and prescribed antibiotics, cream, and a cleanser. Her experience there wasn’t much better, though, as she was almost given expired cream.

B For BunBun

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After seeking a second opinion, Juli finally found out that she was having an allergic reaction to the facial, and the cream prescribed to her would only cause her skin to become dry and red.

B For BunBun

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Her skin condition was likely caused by the products used in the facial and then worsened by the extractions and cream applications afterwards. The second doctor gave her new medications and told her that she’ll have dark patches of skin for the next few months, but that she shouldn’t have any scarring.

B For BunBun

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Her skin is doing better now, but the whole ordeal affected her confidence and her income, as she endorses makeup products by wearing them and taking photos for clients. She decided not to take legal action against the salon.

B For BunBun

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