Sikh temple shooting suspect named; Hey, what’s Brian Ross up to today?!/jabutlers/status/232466549917749249

Looks like it’s shaping up to be a busy Monday for Brian Ross, the ABC reporter who smeared the Tea Party by falsely connecting the movement to the Aurora shooter.

Now that the Sikh temple shooting suspect has been identified as Wade Michael Page, we imagine Ross is glued to his laptop in a marathon Google frenzy. How long must we wait for another unsubstantiated connection to the Tea Party?

Has Brian Ross (ABC) tagged the Sikh shooter a founder of the Tea Party, NRA leader, traditional Christian, related 2 Reagan, Mormon? Y not?

— DocGuido (@DocGuido) August 6, 2012

Whoa. Is Ross slacking? Or is he still busy wiping the egg from his face after his last grossly irresponsible act of “journalism”?

Hey Brian Ross, busy scouring shooter's history for Tea Party connections?

— John Galt Report (@JohnGaltReport) August 6, 2012

Has Brian Ross checked the Tea Party roster in Milwaukee? Quick, do it on air.

— Phil Hindley (@phindley) August 6, 2012

Brian Ross’ Twitter account is silent today.

Hoping Brian Ross is on a long vacation right now.

— Greg Mitchell (@GregMitch) August 6, 2012

Hmm. Who else could step in with absurd speculation if Ross is unavailable?

Paging Harry Reid. We hear he knows a guy who knows a guy.

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