Surprise! Bill Maher tells dog-eating joke!/billmaher/status/202570879283113985

Ladies and gentlemen, the courageous comedy stylings of Bill Maher. By the way, he just flew in from the coast and boy is his funny bone tired. Waka waka waka!

Seriously, he went with “ha ha, North Koreans eat dog!!11!1!!” The guy really is so hot for President Obama that he’d ignore the 800 pound canine in the oven.

Even Obama was forced to joke about his dog-eating days at the White House Tiger Beat Banquet (thank you, Jim Treacher):

President Obama @ the WH Correspondent's dinner: "What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? A pit bull tastes delicious."

— Colin Campbell (@MrColinCampbell) April 29, 2012

But Maher? Nah, that might hurt President Alternative to the Almighty’s fragile widdle feelings. Fortunately, not everyone is so concerned with that.

Don't you mean "If I wanted to feel like Obama?" MT @billmaher: If I wanted to feel North Korean I'd eat a dog

— Noel Sheppard (@NoelSheppard) May 16, 2012

@billmaher That's my favorite Obama quote too.

— Duane Wilmer (@duanespd) May 16, 2012

@billmaher Be careful obama might get offended.

— Jay Fur (@Longfur11) May 16, 2012

Meanwhile, Maher said yesterday that Mitt Romney’s “bullying” was worse than child molestation. Bill Maher: the nation’s cure for laugh lines.


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