Surprise: Bill Maher tweets vulgar final words for Benedict XVI!/billmaher/status/307296657551282177

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that bigoted hatemonger satirist Bill Maher is saying vulgar and demeaning things on Benedict XVI’s last day as pope. It’s been apparent for some time that Maher lacks basic human decency; however, one would think that on the pope’s last day before retirement, even Maher might think not to spew hate at an 85-year-old man. No such luck.

@billmaher Why must you degrade the Pope? What sick joy do you get out of it? And who’s “going to jail for rape”?

— David Colon (@dcolon2112) March 1, 2013

Even worse,  he got over 1,000 retweets from people like this.

[email protected]billmaher Is it true the Pope gave out subscriptions to ‘Boys World Magizine’?

— Joseph M. Sokalski (@dinofromnewark) March 1, 2013

@rubinreport @billmaher but went from pope to galactic emperor ;-P

— Austin Piontkowski (@apiontk) March 1, 2013

That’s why I fucks with you. .u keep it real @billmaher: So long, Pope-y! Been a great run,of a (cont)

— Tha Real Bigg LaH(@BiggLaHMusicK) March 1, 2013

@billmaher nice to see someone keeping it real after all the papal ass kissing that went on all day long on TV. He was such a creepy pope.

— Sly Mandala (@Sly_mandala1967) March 1, 2013

@billmaher So long pope Ben a dick.

— TurdFerguson (@TurdFergs70) March 1, 2013

@billmaher not to be confused with Pope-eye, who fights rape charges after chugging a can of communion wafers

— Joe (@optigrabber) March 1, 2013

Nothing like a little religious bigotry to restore our faith in the human race. Thanks, Bill!

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