Taft High School students tweeted worries about alleged shooter last month


Students at Taft High School in Kern County, Calif., issued frightened tweets last month about a student — Bryan Oliver — whose name has been circulating on Twitter in connection with the shooting of another student and a teacher today.

The disturbing tweets are dated Dec. 15.

If Brian Oliver shoots up the school, i swear to god. I have like 4 classes with him! #homeschoolplease

— Allie Who (@beezygioni) December 15, 2012


@doty425 what.. You’re scaring me

— Allie Who (@beezygioni) December 15, 2012


Can everyone please start kissing Brian Oliver’s ass? I don’t really feel like being shot even though I am super nice to him.

— Allie Who (@beezygioni) December 15, 2012

Taft High School’s website lists Rona Angelo as vice principal. Several people at the school have tweeted rumors of a “hit list” which circulated last year.

@doty425 becauuuuse he threatened to last year remember??

— Allie Who (@beezygioni) December 15, 2012


@doty425 yeah and he made a hit list 😦 why is he still allowed in school. And he always talks about murder like he’s obsessed with it.

— Allie Who (@beezygioni) December 15, 2012

In a series of unconfirmed tweets, students today named Bowe Cleveland as the student allegedly shot in the shoulder by student, Bryan Oliver.


@doty425 yeah he told Bowe that he watched 5 serial killer movies and thought of Bowe the whole time. Fucking. Creepy. 😭

— Allie Who (@beezygioni) December 15, 2012

Flash forward to today:

@happyfapppy yes i watched him get shot. he sat like two feets away from me!

— Allie Who (@beezygioni) January 11, 2013

@ashleyfaee yes i was right by bowe when he got shot. it was the saddest thing ever. I’m just gad they got bowe to the hospital so quick!

— Allie Who (@beezygioni) January 11, 2013

One of the students who expressed her concerns about Bryan Oliver in December later said she regretted doing so:



Should the administration have taken these students’ concerns more seriously?



The “national conversation” on gun violence has reached the White House this week, but as the administration and gun rights groups noisily grapple over the Second Amendment, time bombs quietly tick inside our schools. Is anyone listening?

Update, January 11th, 6:23 a.m. ET:

KGET is reporting that Bryan Oliver is the name of the suspected shooter.

USA Today is reporting that Bowe Cleveland was the student who was shot.

These reports are consistent with what Twitchy reported early yesterday afternoon.


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