Texas Islamic Center splattered with feces, police say

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Just as reports of the infamous “poop swastika” at the University of Missouri were finally bumpedoff the front pages by the horrifying news of coordinated terrorist attacks on Paris, poopmakes the news again as an Islamic Center inPflugerville, Texas, was allegedly splattered with feces over the weekend. Pages torn from the Quran were stuck to the building’s door as well.

KXAN-TV in Austin reports that when“members of the Islamic Center of Pflugerville (ICP) went to open their mosque Monday morning, they found the door to the mosque covered in feces.Faisal Naeem, an ICP board member, says the vandals splattered feces on the door along with pages from the Quran.”

Yet. The investigation is obviously ongoing.

Also according to KXAN, Austin’s police chief over the weekend “had extra patrols monitoring religious institutions for any possible threats against the Muslim religion.”

Sympathy might be hard to come by while the world struggles to comprehend the death toll in Paris.


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