These 22 Books Are So Absurdly Ridiculous… And Completely Real. #15 Sounds Horribly Wrong.

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Basically anyone can write a book if they put their mind to it and find a publisher who will produce it (which is easier than you think). However, even though most people could write a book, that doesn’t mean they should. The books below are a perfect example of authors who probably should’ve done something else with their time, instead of putting these absolutely insane books together. It’s hard to believe anyone would seriously buy these.

1.) If you want to get closer to your horse in the weirdest way.

2.) Just get a real cat. It’s way less creepy.

3.) Although, if you get a cat, please don’t do this.

4.) There’s no reason to repurpose your pet’s hair.

5.) A relaxed rabbit is a happy rabbit. We think.


7.) A weird relationship to fixate on…

8.) Is a locker worth getting that worked up over?

9.) I’m getting a real weird vibe from this one.

10.) It’s about time people stop being timid with bananas.

11.) It IS important to know.

12.) It’s not depressing because it’s about FANCY coffins.

13.) So many people are so passionate about donkeys.

14.) HOW did anyone learn this?

15.) The wording of this book makes me feel so awkward.

16.) Nothing says romance like hamburgers.

17.) That’s kind of a sad question. 🙁

18.) It’s the “mind power” part that really sells this book.

19.) How? Why? How?

20.) Doubtful, book. Doubtful.

21.) Who knew that IBS has always been a problem?

22.) Spoiler: This is NOT a naughty book.

(H/T BuzzFeed) I shouldn’t be too quick to judge, though. Horse yoga could be extremely relaxing and I don’t even know it. These books are the weirdest, show them to others by sharing this story.

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