These Look Like Normal Portraits, But Wait Until You See What She Uses To Make Them

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Whether or not you wear makeup, you can’t deny the fact that makeup artists are talented people. After all, applying winged liner to your own face is difficult enough, so just imagine how hard it would be to pull off a perfect cat eye on someone else.

But one makeup artist by the name of Sally Gigani tends to take her professional title a bit more literally than the rest. She helps her clients look incredible by day, but by night, she uses the tools of her trade to do something totally unique.

The Dubai-based artist’s first love is the transformative power of makeup.

She takes on new clients every week, and she even teaches master classes to aspiring artists who are trying to break into the business.

While it seems obvious when you think about it, many people fail to realize that most makeup artists begin flexing their creative muscles long before they learn about the impact of a great smokey eye. Gigani has been creating stunning pencil drawings for most of her life.

Much of her earlier work draws subtle ties between visual art and the beauty industry, which are her two creative loves.

As she progressed as an artist, she began blurring the line between those two passions in a more explicit way.

Just like hairstylists use wigs to experiment with new techniques, makeup artists use face charts. Gigani’s signature style was born when she began turning basic face charts into unique works of art.

In the beginning, she used more traditional tools like markers and illustration pens.

As she continued to experiment, however, she realized that she could use the materials in her makeup bag to achieve similar effects in a way that far surpasses what most people do with a bit of eyeliner and a two-dimensional chart.

Her pieces may look traditional as far as technique is concerned, but she doesn’t use a single drop of paint to create them. Instead, she produces these incredible works with makeup.

She pays homage to industry greats and pop culture icons with the same cosmetics that she’d use to enhance their beauty if they were sitting in her chair.

In fact, her process reads very much like makeup application. She creates a base using the appropriate foundation shade, adds depth with cool-toned contour cream, defines the eyes with gel eyeliner, and adds a pop of color with lipstick straight out of the tube.

Gigani’s interdisciplinary approach to makeup artistry speaks volumes about her dedication to the craft.

In a stroke of genius, she even decided to ditch standard brushes in favor of using the makeup brushes in her kit.

The fruits of her labor would give any piece of traditional art a run for its money.

Creativity is predicated on pushing boundaries, and Sally Gigani has dedicated herself to doing exactly that. Even the most creative minds sometimes find themselves pigeon-holed by rigid technicalities. Gigani’s blatant disregard for the words “should” and “shouldn’t” is what sets her apart from the pack.

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