These Paintings Are Almost Too Trashy. Literally, They’re Garbage. But Not In The Way You Expect.

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It’s trendy these days for artists to repurpose pieces of garbage and turn them into masterpieces. What’s not so common is to do the opposite. That is, make art that looks like garbage. But that’s exactly what American artist Tom Pfannerstill does, and he’s really good at it. In his series “From the Streets” Pfannerstill explores the impact of time by recreating the pieces of garbage he finds during his travels. Pfannerstill’s pieces start as intricate wood carvings that are then meticulously painted to look like the discarded object in question.

1.) Gasoline

2.) Bud Can

3.) Tide

4.) Goldfish

5.) Cracker Jack

6.) Coffee for Two

7.) Coca Cola

8.) KFC (bucket)

9.) Case of Pabst Blue Ribbon

10.) 3-IN-1

11.) Animal Crackers

12.) Camel Lights

13.) Gin Games

14.) Paint Thinner

15.) Spongebob

16.) Target Monkey

17.) UofL Baseball

18.) Mr. Bubbles

(via: Visual News) Wow. I’m glad I don’t have one of these at my house, it would’ve definitely been thrown out by accident. Share these amazing pictures by clicking below.

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