They Heard Noises In The Attic, So They Installed A Camera And Saw Something Freaky

When it comes to ghost stories, many involve our paranormal pals taking up residency in our basements or attics. Perhaps they just like these rooms because they’re usually dark and aren’t often visited by the more alive members of the household.

This couple knows a thing or two about strange happenings in attics. After mysterious noises repeatedly kept them up at night, Donna and Revan Smith came to the conclusion that something otherworldly was haunting their attic. After setting up a camera to get to the bottom of the matter, they saw something altogether freaky.

The Smiths placed a few objects around their attic to see if their ghost would play with them, and as it turned out, the spirit was more like Casper and less like a demon. It may have even sent a message using a flashlight.

Check out the footage they captured in the video below.

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