They Saw A Lump In A Soccer Net And Went To Investigate — It Was An Owl In Need!

I’m a huge fan of watching animal rescues, but I can’t imagine how scary the experience must be for the creatures that get injured or trapped.

Some are able to eventually get out of the situation themselves. Other critters, like this unfortunate owl, aren’t so lucky and need assistance. It’s pretty likely that the poor thing would have never gotten loose if these kind people hadn’t seen it struggling.

While a man was heading to his son’s soccer game in Clemmons, North Carolina, he noticed a few people gathered around something caught in the net. When he got closer, he realized that they were working to save a terrified owl.

It’s a good thing that such caring folks were around!

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The bird probably would’ve broken its wings or worse if they hadn’t found it. Be sure to share this story if you’re glad that these people just happened to be there!

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