This Chef Is Making Pasta On Instagram, And Its Amazingly Soothing

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I didn’t know yoga for your eyes was a thing. Then I watched chef Miyuki Adachi form pasta by hand and I felt serene, calm, and a little hungry…just like after regular yoga, except not as sweaty.

I can’t take my eyes off of these green swirls.

Look at this hand rolling. It’s so serene, like when Mr. Rogers showed those “how it’s made” videos.

Roll, pinch, slide. Roll, pinch, slide. There’s something mesmerizing about how each noodle evolves into its final form.

Pasta creation looks effortless and flowing. It looks magical when this chef does it, unlike the disastrous mess that goes down when I try to make just about anything.

He’s so precise but also gentle.

It’s like watching one of the great painters when they’re lost in their process.

Maybe it’s more like watching a master sculptor.

Yeah, he would have totally been friends with Michelangelo back in the day. (The sculptor, not the Ninja Turtle.)

I can’t decide if I’m more interested in watching it or eating it.

Who am I kidding? I totally want to eat it.

Grab your passports, guys. Tonight we dine in Canada.

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