This Dog Was About To Fall Victim To A Python, But Something Unexpected Happened

Some snakes are derps who eat tennis balls. Others are vicious enough to try to take down a full-grown dog.

This dog and his owner were out for a walk in Karnataka, India, when a python slithered out of the brush and attacked. Within seconds, the poor pup was completely constricted and in danger of being swallowed whole. If it wasn’t for his owner’s bravery and quick thinking, he would have been the snake’s next meal for sure.

Incredibly, the man managed to fight off the python and free his dog. The dog barked as the snake slithered away, but he knew to keep his distance!

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I can’t believe that hitting the python with a branch actually worked! Be sure to share this insane side of nature with your friends and family, especially those who can’t stand snakes.

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