This House Has A Massive Door Going To The Basement. When You See What’s Down There, You’ll Get It.

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If you fear the apocalypse (or want to be incredibly prepared, no matter what) there is a house for sale in New York that is just for you. It’s listed for $1.75 million. The price seems steep, but that money buys you a luxury cabin (2,000 square feet), a remote property AND a giant missile silo that has been converted into an underground bunker that could protect you and your family from any apocalyptic scenario. It’s a doomsday prepper’s dream.

Above the ground, the home is a luxury cabin.

But below is an underground fortress that could withstand just about anything.

The cabin is situated in the Adirondack Mountains.

The location is isolated, away from neighbors (or potential threats).

A private runway is included with the house, in case you need to fly into (or out of) the property.

The property is beautiful and seems like a simple cabin to passers by.

On the inside, it’s so much more. The open floor plan is full of luxurious amenities.

Not only that…

But when you go into the basement…

There is a secret door that leads into an underground basement “house” bunker.

There is an entire living space (2,300 square feet) below the cabin.

It is a re-purposed cold war-era missile silo.

The basement house is just as modern and beautiful as the upstairs living area.

The only difference is that it’s completely safe from attack and only family members can get in.

There is even a stairway that leads further down…

Giving you access to the actual missile silo.

The silo is 9 stories tall; big enough for apartments or condos for multiple families.

It may seem crazy, but whoever buys this house will have the last laugh if/when humans get to the point of trying to completely kill themselves off. Or, you know…zombies.

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