This Paul Begala flashback tweet and replies will make you laugh out loud

, , ,!/lachlan/status/505028563461238784

Oh we remember! While what prompted the reminder isn’t funny, the hilarious flashback tweet itself is and is again making the rounds as Twitter users retweet it:


Here is the original in all its glory.!/PaulBegala/status/260549036321411072

Bless his precious heart.!/PointBreakUtah/status/504976442132672512!/Gator_Hokie/status/504975954025152512!/DrunkenPromises/status/504974280426528768!/MarkMMcClain/status/504977135828992000!/jkbroussard/status/504998520181370880!/MMMDigits/status/505012123651833859!/MO_BeerGeek/status/504986992170393602

Can’t escape it, Begala.

And for the win:!/BlueShiftBlog/status/505028423165943808



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