This Restaurant Is Always Packed, But It Shuts Down At Night For Something Amazing

Getting reservations at a fancy restaurant can be so tough.

It seems like you just have to know someone or book months in advance. That’s what’s happening with the four Robin Hood restaurants in Madrid, Spain, which are only open to paying customers during breakfast and lunch. Why just two meals? During their dinner rush, they do something so incredible to help their community that no one can even complain about the wait.

Rev. Ángel García Rodriguez, known by most as Father Ángel, is an 80-year-old Catholic priest who opened up the gorgeous Robin Hood restaurants, complete with brass chandeliers and crystal drinking glasses.

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Spain’s unemployment rate is rising, which contributes to a large number of homeless people in Madrid.

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Robin Hood restaurants are open for paying customers at breakfast and lunch, and revenue is used to feed the homeless a restaurant-quality meal for dinner.

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