This THING Is Actually A Chair. And It’s Full Of Nightmares.

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For her A Body of Skin project, Gigi Barker of Studio 9191 wanted to explore people’s reactions towards furniture that is strangely familiar to our senses of sight, smell and touch. What she ended up with though, well… scares the bejesus out of us. Seriously, this stuff is straight out of Silence With The Lambs! It’s hard to explain exactly why this is so frightening. You just have to see it for yourself.

These leather seats might look very familiar. That’s because they’re made to mimic the look, feel, and even smell of human skin.

Gigi used molded silicone as a base to create a series of squishy seats designed to mimic rolls of fat. Then she found leather close to human skin in feel and touch to stretch it over the bulbous forms with the suede section facing side up.

“I hand make all the pieces myself, creating the initial sculptural shapes in the studio and then moulding the leather in my bath tub at home,” said Barker.

The silicone is even mixed with human pheromones and aftershave so the seats have the smell of skin as well as the appearance.

(H/T: QZ) Nope. … Nope. NOPE! That chair is for nightmares, not for sitting. We could make all kinds of jokes about “Put the lotion in the basket,” but we’re honestly just too creeped out. Spread this uncanny, horrifying chair by clicking the link below. More people should see this insanity (and know to never, ever buy it).

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