This Underwater Mausoleum Is Providing Loved Ones With A Beautiful Resting Place

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The loss of a loved one can bring about a whole new series of commitments that you weren’t necessarily prepared for.

Having to plan a funeral and follow through with your loved one’s wishes can be quite taxing, especially as you’re trying to make your way through the grieving process. With some exceptions, the burial process is pretty cut and dry; you’re either buried at a graveyard or cremated so that your loved ones can honor your memory forever by keeping your ashes in an urn.

However, for those resting in this underwater graveyard, the afterlife is a bit fishier.

Located just a few miles from Miami in Key Biscayne, the Neptune Memorial Reef is redefining life after death.

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This man-made reef is the first graveyard to be completely submerged under water.

Similar to graveyards aboveground, this memorial reef houses a variety of sculptures, gravestones, and plaques.

The design team for the reef took inspiration from the lost city of Atlantis, incorporating a variety of ancient Greek design elements.

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But the reef was designed for more than just its beauty. The man-made elements were created to show off the beautiful coral and marine life that lives around it.

The reef is 100 percent environmentally friendly and is able to withstand the horrid hurricane seasons in Florida.

But perhaps the best reason for this reef’s existence is to provide a beautiful resting place for our precious loved ones.

During the ceremony, a brief service is performed on shore before a series of scuba divers send the loved one’s remains to their forever home.

This place is absolutely stunning. I wouldn’t mind spending my life after death in such a gorgeous location.

To find out more information (including how to be a part of the reef), visit the website here.

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