Three Tiny Kittens Almost Died In The Louisiana Flood, But One Woman Saved Them

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Although recent flooding in Louisiana has already claimed many lives, those rescuing humans and animals alike are bringing much-needed hope and relief to the situation.

One such woman in Baton Rouge has her own amazing rescue story to tell because she was in the right place at the right time. Imgur user specklemuffins was about to leave for work when it began pouring outside.

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As the streets began to flood, she heard a few cries and quickly found the source. The second she realized that the heartbreaking sounds were coming from a group of tiny kittens, she scooped them up and took them with her.

The poor things were absolutely soaked, so she immediately dried them off and bundled them up for warmth.

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She called local shelters to take them in, but none were able to because many of the facilities had been damaged by the flooding.

To the absolute delight of everyone there, these kitties spent the weekend at the TV station where their kind rescuer works.

They needed to be bottle fed every couple of hours, and her coworkers were more than happy to help.

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But when a volunteer from one of the shelters offered to foster them, she had to say a bittersweet goodbye to her new friends.

She wouldn’t have to worry, though, because they were in great paws at their foster home.

Look how well they’re doing now!

I’m sure if they could speak, they would thank the wonderful woman who saved them.

It’s so awesome that they now get to grow up and enjoy life like all pets should. I only have one thing to say to specklemuffins and all the people who helped her save these kittens.

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