Tina Dupuy: Relax GOP, every Ebola case got it by helping people

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The usual suspects on lefty twitter must be jealous — as hard as they try to tie the Ebola outbreak to Republican obstruction and budget cuts, syndicated columnist Tina Dupuy managed to easily outdo their efforts and rake in more than 2,600 favorites in just a day. Let’s hear it then.

So far every case of Ebola in this country got it by helping people. So relax, Republicans, you're in the clear.

— Tina Dupuy (@TinaDupuy) October 15, 2014

Here it is again in poster form suitable for framing.

Fear not republicans pic.twitter.com/shSvhue97E

— mass lady (@masslady06) October 17, 2014

Good one, huh?

@TinaDupuy Most concise and accurate Ebola info to date!! #VoteBlue

— Music2MyEars (@M2Meee) October 16, 2014

@TinaDupuy @markos Shout That From The Mountains High!

— Richard W. (@ilovaussiesheps) October 16, 2014

@TinaDupuy @sroskey Hilarious. Surprised I didn’t hear it from @billmaher first. Kudos!

— Richard Girard (@AirmanGirard) October 16, 2014

@TinaDupuy @MR_PRIME69 Excellent point! The hospital I work at is in a red town. If an Ebola pt came here most of the staff would just leave

— Sue (@TwinmomSue) October 16, 2014

@TinaDupuy @TheDailyEdge Yeah, we won't see any GOP members within miles of those stricken.

— Cali Tenkey (@CaliTenkey) October 16, 2014

@TinaDupuy That was quite possibly one of the most true and funny statements ever written. Love it!!!!!

— Brandon Cloud (@theclobra) October 16, 2014

We don’t know … clipboard guy on the tarmac looked a little bit like a Republican. Are there any Republican health care workers? Researchers? Pilots? National Guardsmen?

@TinaDupuy that's offensive, really. How do you know what the nurse's politics are?

— Ann Marlowe (@annmarlowe) October 15, 2014

@TinaDupuy Making Ebola political is hilarious…

— Brad Munson (@TrafficGuyBrad) October 16, 2014

@TrafficGuyBrad: @TinaDupuy Making Ebola political is hilarious…” You must not spend much time reading GOP & Tea Party tweets. 😉

— ProgressGeorgia (@ProgressGA) October 16, 2014

@ProgressGA @TinaDupuy I don't care who does it… There are doctors and nurses from all parties in NE, TX, and GA dealing with this.

— Brad Munson (@TrafficGuyBrad) October 16, 2014

@ProgressGA @TinaDupuy You may continue trolling now…

— Brad Munson (@TrafficGuyBrad) October 16, 2014

Uh huh, big gov is REALLY working! @TinaDupuy:So far all US #Ebola cases got it by helping people.So relax,#Republicans,you're in the clear.

— BrettMDecker (@BrettMDecker) October 16, 2014

@BrettMDecker CDC head says hospital workers treating #Ebola don't need to cover their heads & Josh Earnest calls CDC "tenacious" @TinaDupuy

— Becca H (@LadyOnTheRight1) October 16, 2014

They may be dangerously incompetent, but at least they “try” to help.

@TinaDupuy @markos Obama promised #Ebola would NEVER come 2 USA?Promised we could keep doctors/plans. Mocked #ISIS as JVteam. Who's worried?

— Juan Ramirez (@qb_ramirez) October 16, 2014

Um, you know what W is doing in Africa these days, right? http://t.co/t1la9hTeQ7 @TinaDupuy @sjfotos

— Mr. X (@GlomarResponder) October 17, 2014

We’re guessing no.





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