Tom Benson named new owner of Hornets!/zachrymer/status/190822037856583681

Tom Benson will buy Hornets, now owns NOLA's NBA and NFL team.

— Jennifer Hale (@JenHale504) April 13, 2012

We are thrilled to announce & confirm Tom Benson as the new owner of the New Orleans @Hornets!

— New Orleans Saints (@Saints) April 13, 2012

Tom Benson buys Hornets $338M. League bought team for $318M, put in $20M. So sold at cost, but big win for the league.

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) April 13, 2012

I'm happy Tom Benson is buying the Hornets, but I'll be happier if he changes the team's name to the Zombies. #nolazombies

— Brett (@thecajunboy) April 13, 2012

New #Hornets owner Tom Benson threatened to place a bounty on David Stern's head if he doesn't stop messing with their trades now

— Jude Martin (@sex10hardcastle) April 13, 2012!/callmefuzzy/status/190845669286739968

Welp, so Tom Benson is buying the Hornets…Too bad Drew Brees dont play Basketball…

— Tony King is Funny (@TonyKingisFunny) April 13, 2012

Tom Benson buying the Hornets must be part of Goodell's bounty punishment

— Scott Sellz (@BuyorSellz) April 13, 2012

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