Tom Morello rages against Seattle cafe for not treating him like a VIP

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That’s the trouble with communists, they only think the rules apply to the little people.

Over the weekend Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine got his elitist shorts in a bunch because he wasn’t immediately seated in a Seattle restaurant that was already filled to capacity. He took to Twitter to share the epic “don’t you know who I am?” moment with all his fans.

Five Point restaurant in Seattle is the WORST. Super rude & anti-worker. Shittiest doorman in the Northwest. Prick. Spread the word.

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 27, 2014

Spoiled musician experiences severe butt hurt over not being given special treatment, throws tantrum on Twitter. Spread the word.

@tmorello Wondering – A: Do people usually blindly do whatever you say? & B: Why not tell the doorman he's a prick, instead of telling us?

— Cayton (@StuffCaytonSays) September 27, 2014

Quote of the day: "Rock stars don't get special treatment at The 5 Point. We couldn't give less of a s**t."

— Ericka Andersen (@ErickaAndersen) September 30, 2014

The owner of the restaurant seems to be hard at work trying to implement the things Morello only talks about and took poor Tom to school.

@tmorello The 5 Point is totally pro worker & we pay more and have more benefits than any other small restaurant anywhere

— David Meinert (@davidmeinert) September 27, 2014

@tmorello higher starting pay, health insurance, retirement, paid vacation, sick days, and profit sharing.

— David Meinert (@davidmeinert) September 27, 2014

@tmorello we are or were fans of you & your work. Our staff are very cool & when they aren't it's typically a reflection of the customer

— David Meinert (@davidmeinert) September 27, 2014

@tmorello BTW I'm the owner & have supported & worked on paid sick days, higher minimum wage & city sponsored retirement for all workers

— David Meinert (@davidmeinert) September 27, 2014


@tmorello Attacking small business goes against your gimmick, asshole. Stop pretending you're a rock star.

— Jason. (@GabrielPomerand) September 27, 2014

So Rage Against The Machine has become the machine they raged against:

— Nik Martin (@nik_martin) September 30, 2014

lol, @tmorello uses his celebrity to get special treatment, then makes political accusations when he doesn’t get it

— J. Arthur Bloom (@j_arthur_bloom) September 30, 2014

@tmorello turns out to be just another douche rock star wanting special treatment. via @po_st #shocker #antidoorman

— Jennifer Cobb (@jencobb1978) September 30, 2014

@tmorello Perhaps Yelp would be a better outlet for your hurt feelings then?

— m. pinero (@stabulousness) September 27, 2014

@stabulousness: @tmorello Perhaps Yelp would be a better outlet for your hurt feelings then?” On it

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 27, 2014

@gechsor15 @tmorello "Rebellious social activist" didn't get rock star treatment, trashes small business on Twitter. #whenrockstarsyelp

— m. pinero (@stabulousness) September 27, 2014

@gechsor15 "Local business I've never been inside of is THE WORST. They're anti-worker! Spread the word." Yes, my attitude is the issue here

— m. pinero (@stabulousness) September 27, 2014

Willing to forgive the Seattle Evil (Egg) Empire 5 Points Cafe doorman powertrip if good guy owner D Meinert fully embraces #15Now min wage

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 29, 2014

So big of him. He’s willing to forgive the restaurant he trashed to 384k Twitter followers … but only if they meet his conditions.


Pancake Gate update: Luv&respect the workers.Glad to sit down w/owner next time in Sea, happy about his commitment to pay raise for workers

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 30, 2014

@tmorello that's awfully big of you, mister rock star.

— Ben Ecker (@BenEcker) September 30, 2014



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