Tommy Lee Jones being Tommy Lee Jones at the Golden Globes goes viral!/HitFixDaniel/status/290682789806866432


Tommy Lee Jones didn’t think much of the Golden Globes award show jokes. But viewers thought the world of the actor’s reaction to the spectacle. The Tommy Lee Jones-meets-McKayla Maroney-meets-Grumpy Cat moments have already been memed, hashtagged, and trended. Forever.

I knew Tommy Lee Jones reminded me of someone! #goldenglobes…

— Richard Crouse (@RichardCrouse) January 14, 2013

Yes! >>> Tommy Lee Jones Looks Exactly Like Grumpy Cat

— Michael Moroney (@MichaelTMoroney) January 14, 2013

People have never learned Tommy Lee Jones does not have a happy face.

— murage (@martinmuragz) January 14, 2013

Tommy Lee Jones looked like he was contemplating strangling Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell with his bare hands #goldenglobes #NotImpressed

— Robert Taylor (@RobbyLTaylor) January 14, 2013

Tommy lee jones is an acting god. Who cares if he didn’t smile he’s tommy lee fucking jones.

— JoeG (@jbgjr82) January 14, 2013

Exit question:

What does it say about our culture that the Internet is freaking out over Tommy Lee Jones being… umm, Tommy Lee Jones. #GoldenGIobes

— Justin Howard (@radiostardust) January 14, 2013

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