Top 15 things people don’t like!/PeaceWTF/status/199623576498876416

#OneThingIDontLike When people act different in front of certain people. Be real all the time, not just part time.

— Max (@KingJamesLC) May 7, 2012

#onethingidontlike being called a liar, when i know i told the truth.

— Emperor Quis© (@QuisGod) May 7, 2012

#OneThingIDontLike Racist people

— Céline (@__Novacane_) May 7, 2012

#OneThingIDontLike : getting compared to someone else 😒

— Marco J Williams (@_Mr__GQ_) May 7, 2012

#OneThingIDontLike when people use hashtags on facebook.

— Aaron (@_aaroncopeland) May 7, 2012!/alexandrialynn4/status/199630416498540544!/MrRelationships/status/199617682516090880!/Swagstro/status/199615937991811072

#OneThingIDontLike being ignored.

— Inthecut (@007sks2012) May 7, 2012

#OneThingIDontLike is being used. If you want me, it should be always, not only when you need something.

— WIZDOM (@WizKhalllifa) May 7, 2012

#OneThingIDontLike is trying not to fall asleep because you're expecting a text from someone..

— JɅMIE (@jamster83) May 7, 2012

#OneThingIDontLike people who look for looks…rather than a good heart

— C a r l a a a a a ❤️ (@Murder_Ds) May 7, 2012

#OneThingIDontLike most people in general

— Angharad Davies (@angharadrachel1) May 7, 2012

#OneThingIDontLike How twitter only gives me up to 140 letters to type.

— Pimp Chocolate. (@_ItsKennyKen_) May 7, 2012

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