Tragedy: Jessie J drops her phone, breaks screen!/JessieJ/status/219027789372858369

The U.K. pop star was awake enough to be on her phone, and apparently was out in public.

But whoever shouted her name gets the blame for this disaster:

@JessieJ Someone owes you a new phone. 🙁

— Niki Maita (@WaitAnotherDay) June 30, 2012

Many fans are showing their support and sympathy:

@JessieJ Nooooo!!!! What a disaster!!!! ………. No seriously!!

— Hannah Grace (@_HanR) June 30, 2012

@JessieJ you can have my phone

— mary. (@MaryHeartbeat) June 30, 2012

@JessieJ I'd cry if I would be you,, what did you say to the fan ,,

— Stella (@Tweet2Stella) June 30, 2012

And several fans are stepping up to accept responsibility:

@JessieJ that was me sorry

— john spence (@JDOTspence) June 30, 2012


— princess sammy (@SammaayBB) June 30, 2012

How noble!

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