Twitter agrees: OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder can’t sing!/wiredinpro/status/298174806648553472

Ryan Tedder, the lead singer for OneRepublic, is a brilliant and successful songwriter. But Twitter users agree he didn’t have all the right moves during today’s pre-Super Bowl show:

Ryan Tedder sounds so bad live.

— Lia Dough. (@LadyLiaDOLL) February 3, 2013

Ryan Tedder should just stick to writing incredible songs for artist instead of making mediocre music for his band.

— Christopher Neal (@Hisnameischris1) February 3, 2013

OneRepublic is awful. How does the NFL manage to get such horrible bands to play..

— dana marie (@danaa_mariee96) February 3, 2013

Wow. The singer of OneRepublic is absolutely awful. #fail

— Jeremy Wainscott (@romanticide18) February 3, 2013

One Republic are fucking awful live.

— Clare Geehan (@claregeehan) February 3, 2013

Ya’ll need to stop booking Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic for gigs. He ALWAYS sounds horrid live. #NFLhonors #STAHP

— Jen (@JeniEats) February 3, 2013

At least that awful OneRepublic performance was followed by a TV spot with “Radioactive” playing in it #ImagineDragonsWouldHaveBeenBetter

— Tom Ferguson (@TDTFerg) February 3, 2013

One Republic was terrible.Kind of felt bad for them.Maybe today was the day the music died?Granted, singing live is hard. Not too good

— Jo Jo Roca (@ChronicMarathon) February 3, 2013

OneRepublic is all a lie apparently. Awful live

— Alyssa (@Lyssaru) February 3, 2013

Even OneRepublic fans had to admit Tedder’s vocals fell short:

Well, at least no one will accuse Ryan Tedder of singing to a pre-recorded track. Still love One Republic. Pre game #SuperBowl

— Jeremy Laws (@jeremylaws) February 3, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I’m too harsh towards OneRepublic but in all honesty their quality of live performances is going down 🙁

— Laura(@FTPUnicorn1R) February 3, 2013

Sadly, it isn’t the first time this has happened.

OneRepublic were one of the many performers to take the stage at the 2011 American Music Awards. Although they weren’t awful, their performance definitely fell short in comparison to the other artists who performed at the Nokia Theatre on Nov. 20. Ryan Tedder seemed to be struggling throughout the song, especially during the higher notes in the chorus of their hit track ‘Good Life.’

Look on the bright side: CBS could have booked a live performance by Nicki Minaj.

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