Twitter trolls revive attacks on Barbara Bush following tribute video!/LindssMRayy/status/240962699046039553

Barbara Bush is trending because she and Laura Bush appeared in a video tribute to the 41st and 43rd presidents (and remote Mitt Romney endorsement) at the Republican National Convention.

We’ve all seen the George W. Bush “Miss Me Yet?” billboards, but one thing we didn’t miss was the “humorous” trashing of former First Lady Barbara Bush.

I long for the days of "Barbara Bush is really a dude" jokes. Sigh. #RNC.

— Andrew Panda Blake (@apblake) August 29, 2012

“Sigh,” indeed. We thought the meme was “GOP’s war on women,” not “war on GOP women.”

I'm sorry but Barbara Bush is the ugliest First Gentleman in the history of America.

— Dre Santiago (@_JustDreTho) August 29, 2012

The special guest IS Clint Eastwood! Oh wait. That was Barbara Bush again. #RNC

— M.F. (@bklynMF) August 29, 2012

Barbara Bush is such a handsome old man.

— Aaron Zaremski (@CR_President) August 29, 2012

@maddow Barbara Bush is the ugliest white man I've ever seen

— James Martin (@JimMartin2011) August 29, 2012

Everytime I see Barbara Bush I want some Quaker Oatmeal. #RNC2012

— ✨ Edward Herveaux ✨ (@DarthShada) August 29, 2012

Watching American news. Barbara Bush looks exactly like Rutger Hauer in drag. #HoboWithAWigOn

— Baron Von Flexchamp (@ComradeTheBear) August 29, 2012

Barbara Bush looks like something outta Tales from the Crypt.

— PJ (@pjhoody) August 29, 2012

Barbara Bush looks like the missing member of The California Raisins.

— Dubb (@iAmDDubb) August 29, 2012


— Found Artist (@FoundArtist) August 29, 2012

I still want to punch Barbara Bush in the face.

— 31-0 (@Pants_So_Short) August 29, 2012

P.S. If you really want to stay classy, you might want to watch that video again and take notes.

After watching the Bush video at #gop2012, Barbara Bush is one of the classiest Americans in our history.

— Michael Morton (@mikemorton89) August 29, 2012

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