Video of Ray Rice punching fiancee surfaces; This ‘vile’ Ravens tweet enrages!/lachlan/status/508964482119663616

Yes, that actually happened.!/bruce_arthur/status/508942821878161408

As of this writing, the Baltimore Ravens Twitter account has not deleted the tweet.!/Ravens/status/469918292061061120

As Twitchy reported, a video has surfaced of the reported altercation and it is beyond disturbing.!/knck1es/status/509004279042961408

Twitter users are again enraged, rightly so, by the “apology” tweet.!/keithlaw/status/508952245900427264!/angelaisms/status/508955561237684224!/ShaunKing/status/508989009465331712

Bingo. We suppose they “deeply regret it,” huh?!/BiasedGirl/status/508986134458662912!/coolhandschlute/status/509002150387523586

And an exit question for the Baltimore Ravens:!/chelsea_elisa/status/508999076432863233


Shock: New video surfaces of Ray Rice punching his fiancee 

Ravens’ Ray Rice’s wife Janay apologizes for her ‘role’ in aggravated assault

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