Waiter refuses to serve man who reportedly insulted child with Down syndrome


A Houston waiter was an instant hit on Twitter after news surfaced that he refused to serve a restaurant patron he says insulted this adorable five-year-old boy with Down syndrome.

Interviewed Laurenzo’s waiter who stood up for the special needs kiddo. Story on #abc13 at 4 &6. Pic of Milo: twitter.com/miyashay/statu…

— miyashay (@miyashay) January 18, 2013

My feel-good story of Laurenzo’s waiter who stood up for a special needs little boy. #goodnews #hounews ow.ly/gWHjU

— miyashay (@miyashay) January 19, 2013

Milo and his family were eating at Laurenzo’s restaurant in Houston this week when the group at an adjacent booth moved to another table.

Waiter Michael Garcia overheard someone say, “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.” His response to the asshat customer? “I’m sorry, I can’t serve you.”

Tweets of appreciation and support are pouring in for Garcia and the restaurant.

Props to Laurenzo’s for supporting a waiter who refused service to a family speaking negatively of a special needs child at the restaurant.

— Cara ConnallyMatocha (@clcmusicfactory) January 19, 2013

Thanks Laurenzo’s for standing up for those with special needs.

— mostynmoreno (@mostynmoreno) January 17, 2013

Seriously screw that family at that restaurant that said special needs people need to be special somewhere else I wouldn’t serve you either!

— MAC (@TheeRealMC) January 19, 2013

@richmarcello A permanent plaque needs to be posted at the entrance to Laurenzo’s: “Michael Garcia Our Special Hero – Special Little Angels”

— Bob Reynolds (@sbreynolds314) January 19, 2013

This waiter is one of the most awesome human beings on the f’n planet.there are good people out there click2houston.com/news/Waiter-st…

— ¿Chad? (@chadklumpp) January 19, 2013

#awesome! Give that man a raise! Waiter stands up for special needs boy abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?sec… #awareness1by1

— James S. Vaughan (@jvaughan1175) January 19, 2013

Proud of this fellow Houstonian. The moron he refused to serve, no. click2houston.com/news/Waiter-st…

— Beverly Price (@softwaremerc) January 19, 2013

“@archivist0021: Wonderful story a/b a waiter standing up for a special needs child. I *heart* this dude. click2houston.com/news/Waiter-st…” love.

— Justin Brodie Clark (@jbr0die) January 19, 2013

Good move! Screw the idiots > Waiter sticks up for special-needs child by refusing service j.mp/XKmjYf

— Shogannai (@Shogannai) January 19, 2013

Great story.We need more people of courage.Waiter stands up for special needs boy abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?sec…

— John Donaho (@JohnDonaho1) January 19, 2013

Way to go Lorenzo’s – you’ve got my business for sure!Special needs kids are just like other people!!blog.chron.com/hottopics/2013…

— Kristi King (@Nutrition_King) January 18, 2013

Awesome waiter at an awesome Houston restaurant awesomely sticks up for a five-year-old with Down syndrome. blog.sfgate.com/hottopics/2013…

— Stephanie Lucianovic (@grubreport) January 18, 2013

Makes me smile that a waiter stuck to his guns when it came to customers insulting a special needs child. 29-95.com/restaurants/st…

— Jonny Klemchuk (@jonnyklemchuk) January 18, 2013

Applause for Garcia is also flooding the restaurant’s Facebook page, and even people outside Houston are hoping they’ll get the chance to visit Laurenzo’s someday.

If I ever visit Houston I am going to Laurenzo’s, to meet Mr Garcia that wonderful waiter who refused to serve the family!

— sandrareston (@sandrareston) January 19, 2013

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