We Should Be Able To Trust Doctors, But This Man’s Sick Behavior Says Otherwise

Many of us put our faith in doctors with the assumption that they’ll behave professionally and appropriately. That’s what makes it all the more horrible when they break that trust.

While some misconduct is relatively minor, there are doctors who do absolutely terrible things to patients when they think they can get away with it — case in point, this man from Trujillo, Peru.

Javier Mauricio Cuba had been working at the Peruvian America Clinic for eight months when he violated a completely vulnerable patient. As she was sleeping in the emergency department, Cuba did something unthinkable…thankfully, one of the woman’s family members caught the whole disgusting act on camera.

What’s worse is that the six nurses and two caretakers he was on duty with have reportedly denied seeing anything inappropriate.

(via Metro)

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It’s hard to believe, but yes, that is a doctor rubbing his genitals on the woman’s face.

Cuba has since apologized to the family and resigned, but hospital representatives say there will be no legal action taken against him. Be sure to SHARE this story if you think he got off way too easily. And please, never stay quiet if you witness sexual abuse.

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