What Scientists Discovered About This Old Jesus Statue Is Terrifying.

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Inside this seemingly ordinary 18th century statue of Jesus Christ, know as the Lord of Patience, is a terrifying secret. Just by looking at the statue, you wouldn’t guess that there is something horrifying hiding inside.

Researchers were X-raying the statue in an effort to learn more about it, when they made the discovery. They got a little more than they bargained for when learning about The Lord of Patience: his teeth are totally and 100% human teeth. From a dead person.

What gave the teeth away as being human were their intact roots, clearly visible in the X-ray.

Typically the teeth in statues like these are made from carved wood or bone.

The teeth are likely not from any major religious figure. The practice of parishioners sacrificing their hair to make more realistic saint statues was fairly commonplace at the time. Meaning it’s not a leap to assume someone might do the same with their teeth.

If you can speak Spanish here’s a video detailing the discovery of the teeth in the statue. It’s still worth watching just to see the full statue.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

I just hope that the teeth were actually given over willingly. If you went to Catholic school, you’ll know priests and nuns can be pretty terrifying.

Remarkable… but, now I’m going to be looking sideways at every statue I see in a church.  Share this amazing story with your friends on Facebook by clicking below.


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