When Roseanne Barr attacks: ‘Obama will say and do ANYTHING’


Roseanne Barr is still clinging to the hope that she can peel away votes from Barack Obama as part of her bid for the Green Party nomination. So she took to Twitter this morning to share a few choice words for the president and his policies. Here are her latest dispatches from the nut farm.

Obama says MARIJUANA SHOULD NOT BE LEGALIZED! #prisonmilitaryindustrialcomplex #immoraldrugwars

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

Axelrod (Obama's brain) is thrilled that his dismantling/feminist purge of the democratic party has helped the US go farther right-#aipac

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

seeing Obama say legalization of pot will create drug cartels is HILARIOUS! #nafta. the 'war on drugs' created narco-democracies/US fascism

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

Oh, and shockah! She doesn’t care for Mitt Romney either.

Ann Romney please advise Mitt that your church's headquarters SLC-is one of the worst states for women to live in #wagegap #reprorights

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

@DebiHearn1 @IamGloWorm Romney=Obama

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

who is worse?: Obama's craplappers or Romney's? #commonsense

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

She has zero patience for tweeps who believe Obama will come around on her favorite issue: marijuana legalization.

@GKMTNtwits wake up idiot-he is NOT moving in the right direction. #shittastesbad

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

But she’s willing to concede that she won’t be able to lasso every last Obama supporter. What a realist!

if u want change, but feel u must vote Obama, then vote4 him as a #greenparty member-let the dems know they suck! register #greenparty

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

Of course, no Roseanne rant is complete without dipping her toes in the conspiracy pond.

it kind of cracks me up that americans think their vote is for a party or a man-NOT FOR THEMSELVES. #mindcontrol

— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 17, 2012

We hear tin foil hats help block those mind control rays. Plus, they cover up your roots. Can’t go wrong!

Hey, if she makes it onto the general election ballot, a vote for Roseanne is one less vote for The One. So should she win the Green Party nomination, we wish her the best of luck.

We’re rooting for you, Roseanne!

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