You’ll Have To Look Twice At These 23 Amazing Pictures. But When You Do… WOW.

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Nature can be absolutely mind-blowing. Animals (and humans, even) have developed exactly what they need to survive over the years. Cheetahs can chase down their prey, seals can hold their breath underwater for long amounts of time and these animals? They can be almost perfectly hidden in plain sight. Scroll through the pictures below. Don’t see the animals hiding there? You might have to do a double-take to see it (or triple-take). WOW.

1.) Well, hi there, Mr. Frog.

2.) I still can’t be sure where he’s hiding…

3.) This fish didn’t flounder in camouflage class.


5.) Wait a second…

6.) It’s still pretty!

7.) Just. Don’t. Move.

8.) Okay, C’MON.

9.) Wow.

10.) Once I saw it…

11.) I was completely convinced there wasn’t an animal in this one.

12.) Woah.

13.) I see it!!! … I think.

14.) There’s a cute eye, but where’s the rest?

15.) This is NOT just a tree.

16.) My jaw is on the floor.

17.) Nope. Nope.


19.) I’m never walking on leaves again.

20.) Someone give this little guy an A+.

21.) This HAS to be just a tree.

22.) Wait for it…

23.) Okay, I think I see this one. LOL.

Absolutely incredible. Although, now the next time you go for a walk in the woods you might want to be more careful about where you step or what you pick up… there could be a little critter hiding where you can’t see him. Share these amazing creatures with others by clicking the Share button you see below.

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