‘The LiePhone 5′: Apple considering Jay Carney for PR chief

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http://twitter.com/#!/deppisch/status/488866031717584896 http://twitter.com/#!/BigJebBos/status/488866651849236481 http://twitter.com/#!/StephenFleming/status/488848499459764224 http://twitter.com/#!/MikeBeas/status/488883187725385730 http://twitter.com/#!/nickplee/status/488835650926682113 There may be some sound reasoning behind this. Carney just got done flacking for a man who might be called the Apple Newton of presidents—oversold as something revolutionary, but ultimately useless.   If Carney survived that job, maybe he’ll do great if he actually has something good to sell. Nah. […]


‘The Eagles are breaking up?’ AP scoop: ‘Sen. Joe Walsh’ to walk away from race

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http://twitter.com/#!/chuck_dizzle/status/497482927060430849 That tweet is what we like to call “fake, but accurate.” As Twitchy reported, Montana Sen. Walsh is dropping out of his race. The AP reported that as well. Well, sorta: http://twitter.com/#!/AP/status/497478728176664576 They almost had it … http://twitter.com/#!/BrianFaughnan/status/497478907143421952 At least they got the first two letters right. They tried their best! But not without causing […]


Kevin Bacon’s guess ‘why people don’t like him’ is kind of ironic

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http://twitter.com/#!/xXxLeticiaxXx/status/497318433319833600 People don’t like Kevin Bacon? If that’s the case, it’s certainly not because of his last name, so what could be the reason? Bacon took a guess: http://twitter.com/#!/kevinbacon/status/497399972934209536 Heh. *** Related: ‘Woohoo!’; Kevin Bacon, Michelle Malkin climb the Manitou Springs Incline Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/08/07/kevin-bacons-guess-why-people-dont-like-him-is-kind-of-ironic/


Syria-Iraq-ISIS news roundup (none of it good)


http://twitter.com/#!/SkyNewsBreak/status/509405328921100288 First up, suspected ISIS-linked rebels in Syria car-bombed a different group of hard-line Islamic rebels in Syria, killing their leadership: http://twitter.com/#!/MailOnline/status/509634946265526272 Next, details of what the president will propose tonight in his address to the nation on ISIS are leaking out, including arming of rebel groups in Syria. Which ones, however, is an open […]