This Dog And His Owner’s Final Adventure Together Will Make You Cry.

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New York City resident James Garcia loves his dog, Elmo. James has had Elmo since he was a puppy, and it’s hard for him to imagine life without his furry companion. Earlier this month, James learned that his beloved 16-year-old Elmo only had a couple of months left to live. He was devastated at the news. Instead […]


This Dog’s Vertical Jumping Skills Should Get Him Into the Pet Olympics.

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If you were to ask this dog to jump, he wouldn’t ask “How high?” Instead, he’d show you just how high he can jump! After a long play session outdoors, he was ready to come back inside. His enthusiasm is…wow: OO.ready(function() { OO.Player.create(‘ooyalaplayer’, ‘p5ZDlicToBZ1a0IdN5YqJ8Z85my6E3UT’, {‘autoplay’:true}); }); Please enable Javascript to watch this video Good boy! You’re […]


This Is The Last Thing You’d Expect In A Cemetery… But In A Way, It’s Actually Pretty Touching.

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When passing a graveyard, some people superstitiously hold their breath. Others may turn down their car’s radio out of respect for the dead. These families in Maldova, however, are doing something completely different: they eat with their dead. In celebration of Orthodox Easter, the families bring a picnic basket and light hearts to the cemetery, […]


You Need This Ridiculously Precious Cat In Your Life. Trust Me.

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Spanish photographer and filmmaker Jesús Segura didn’t set out to become a cat photographer. Fate chose him when he found this adorable fluffy friend. Segura spent a year out of work and was in desperate need of some cheering up when he discovered Napoleon at his front door. The cat was only two months old, but […]


Inspirational 1 Year Old Amputee Keeps Pushing Forward. OMG My Heart Is Melting.

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Kayden Elijah was born with an Omhalocele, a birth defect that causes organs to remain outside the body. That means Kayden had to have two abdominal surgeries and sadly have both his legs amputated. Watch as 1-year-old Kayden takes his very first steps with prosthetics all while continuously stating “I got it!”, becoming more confident […]