This Truth About Children And Their Toys Is Sweet… And Stunning In A Way I Didn’t Expect.

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No matter what part of the world you examine, there will be children there. Those children will have hopes, dreams… and toys. Toy Stories is a book by photographer Gabriele Galimberti that studies children all over the world. She compares their toys, a seemingly simple gesture but it has more meaning than you could realize. Some play with […]


The Moment This Father Realizes What His Son Did Is Priceless. Get Out The Tissues And Watch.

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When a child makes a promise to their parents, usually they are full of good intentions, even if they know they can’t fulfill said promise. This man was only 8 years-old when he promised to do something for his father. Now, years later, he ensured that he made good on what he said when he was a little boy. […]


Justin Timberlake Stops His Sold-Out Concert To Do The Sweetest Thing Ever.

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8 year-old Julian got to celebrate his birthday recently in epic fashion. When you see what happened, you might be jealous yourself! Julian was at a sold-out Justin Timberlake concert when it suddenly stopped… because Justin had a special message for the birthday boy. Julian happens to have autism and Justin wanted to give him the […]


This Looked Like The Grossest Christmas Present Ever. It Turned Out Beautiful.

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For Christmas, this girl received a package from her boyfriend that she never expected. When she unwrapped the present, she didn’t understand what she was seeing. The confusion quickly wore off, though, when she realized what she was supposed to do with this seemingly disgusting present. Sarah opened her gift and saw… a big bag […]