Police remove 300 Occupy Wall Street protestors from Union Square

http://twitter.com/#!/nydailynews/status/182342159222054912 From New York Daily News: Cops rousted about 300 Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out in Union Square  Park early Wednesday. One person was arrested. The demonstrators  moved into the camp on Saturday, continuing the protest against economic inequality that started this summer in Zuccotti Park. “The park will be  closing as of midnight. If […]


Fiscal cliff crapwich reality shock: ‘I take home less now, thanks Obama’

http://twitter.com/#!/_MikeLow/status/286495899490856961 Oh, dear! Reality is hard. That “fair share” fiscal cliff crapwich deal doesn’t seem to be a hit, even for the not “rich.” A chink in the class warfare armor? Whenever President Obama says, “fair share” I vomit in my mouth. — Kristina (@KrissyK90) January 2, 2013 Now that the wealthy are paying their […]


Obama administration’s ‘hashtag diplomacy’ inspires #ReplaceGunWithHashtag


http://twitter.com/#!/iowahawkblog/status/464463976039190531 “Hashtag diplomacy” is an approach to dealing with aggressors around the world that has been used by State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki as well as Michelle Obama. What would happen if guns were replaced by hashtags? That’s what #ReplaceGunWithHashtag is all about, and it started off trending high: Iowahawk kicked things off, and it […]


‘I still love u’: Gretchen Carlson mixes up Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason

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http://twitter.com/#!/Lady_Elle99/status/518197889836015616 Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson appeared on the “O’Reilly Factor” Friday night, where she accidentally confused retired quarterback and CBS sportscaster Phil Simms for retired quarterback and network color commentator Boomer Esiason. Will somebody please tell @GretchenCarlson I'm not Phil Simms. And everybody get get off my back. Geez! — Boomer Esiason (@7BOOMERESIASON) October 4, 2014 […]


I’ve Never Been Jealous Of Someone’s Cutting Board, But This One Is So Beautiful

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For any skilled woodworker, building something like a cutting board is too easy. However, when you’re new to the wonderful world of woodworking, it just might be the perfect place to start. Redditor Thats_Debatable wanted to try his hand at creating a cutting board that would make things easier (and way prettier) in the kitchen. […]



http://twitter.com/#!/BuzzFeedAndrew/status/199657042481381376 Anybody else fascinated by #SkinnyChristie? It’s almost as though somebody photoshopped Chris Christie’s head onto somebody else’s body. At least we now know Christie has had that facial expression for a long, long time … Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/07/skinnychristie/


‘Sweet Jesus!’ Did Miley Cyrus spark a new definition for ‘twerking’?

http://twitter.com/#!/AngelaLovell/status/362363406600257537 Oh no. What fresh horror is this? http://twitter.com/#!/NoahCRothman/status/371964773589450752 No worries, buddy! Twitchy and Twitter are here to help you out. As Twitchy reported, viewers of MTV’s VMAs were scarred by Miley Cyrus’ twerking performance. Oh, the humanity. But, did Cyrus spark a brand-new definition for “twerking”? http://twitter.com/#!/jpodhoretz/status/371961719930617857 Heh. A cure? http://twitter.com/#!/ExJon/status/371858762992062464 Twitter once again makes […]