This Is The Last Thing On Earth I Should Want… But Wow, It’s Downright Incredible.

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Losing a limb can be a terrible, life-altering event. But, an impressive industrial designer by the name of Scott Summit found a way to take such a disheartening situation and turn it into something that people can embrace. Bespoke Innovations wants to comfort those who experience traumatic limb loss by providing them with a limb […]


Here Are The 11 Most Blatant Signs That Summer Is Over.

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Who doesn’t love summer? It’s a time for vacation, fun in the sun, and no school. Unfortunately, summer will eventually end for everyone. You’ll have to come back from vacation, school will start and (if you live in unlucky parts of the world) the weather will begin to suck. These are the signs that summer […]


These Insects Aren’t Wearing Costumes. They’re Cleverly Disguised Through Evolution.

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Evolution has a funny way of changing things. It can cause some strange adaptations in the biology of different organisms. In the insect world, certain creatures have adapted to their surroundings for necessity and survival. No, the insects below aren’t wearing Halloween costumes. This is science!  1.) This praying mantis is cleverly disguised as part of […]


This Guy Had These Crawling All Over Him Just By Going In His Yard? Yikes.

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When Reddit user reddit_scientist took his dog out for a walk, there’s no way he expected this to happen. One minute he was enjoying the yard with his dog. Not even an hour later, he had to pull into a gas station because his foot was itching so badly. After pulling off his sock to scratch […]


This Usually Takes About 2 Weeks But I’m Sick Of Winter. So Here It Is In Just 2 Seconds.

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If you were out for a walk on a warm spring day, would you notice the blooming flowers all around you? Even if you did, would you appreciate just how incredible it is that these delicate little living things come back, year after year? Flowers are a beautiful and special part of the world around […]