This Rescued Anteater Is Completely House Trained And Totally Adorable.

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Julia Heckathorn writes children’s books that teach kids about conservation and preservation of endangered animals. She started writing them a few years ago after adopting a baby kangaroo. But that wasn’t the only odd animal that Julia and her husband took in; they also share their home with Noche, an anteater. I never thought I would find an anteater to […]


This Advertisement May Seem Simple, But It’ll Bring You To Tears In Seconds.

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There is one advertising company in Thailand that has a direct line to our hearts. They created this commercial that is both inspiring and tearjerking. There’s no way to oversell this video. It’s incredible… heart warming… and makes me want to be a better person. Seriously, enjoy this video. You can thank us after: [youtube] […]


Losing Your Luggage Is Terrible, But Having This Guy Help You Would Just Rock.

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Dutch airliner KLM has a new Lost & Found team at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, dedicated to reuniting people with their lost items as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you lost a teddy bear, a laptop or your luggage. They will help you find your stuff! Locating the owners can sometimes be a challenge […]


Ram Celebrates Halloween With His Very Own Candy Dispensing Piñata.

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Rambro (also known as the Angry Ram) didn’t deserve to be left out of Halloween festivities this week. To include the angry guy in the holiday, Rambro’s owner took a pumpkin and stuffed it full of tasty sheep nuts. The outcome was pretty much a Halloween themed piñata for grumpy old Rambro. We could call it a […]


Man Dresses Up As A Homeless Person And Gives $20 To Those That Help Him.

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YouTube prankster Big Daws normally makes prank videos were he’s doing something hilariously silly, like eating junk food at the gym, but this time he wanted to do something completely different. He decided to dress up as a homeless person and conduct a social experiment. He stepped outside the box by giving $20 to every kind […]