YIKES: Ben Rhodes’ mockery of WV gov’s switch from Dem to GOP is a ‘Titanic’ failure

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In an appearance with President Trump last night in West Virginia, the state’s governor announced that he would be switching parties from Democrat to Republican: West Virginia Governor to Switch from Democrat to Republican https://t.co/c4W7tjq9A4 — Glenn Kessler (@GlennKesslerWP) August 3, 2017 Former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes served up this reaction: Prize […]


Is this ‘the right question’ that torpedoes accusations of Trump/Russia collusion?

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The timeline of allegations of Trump and Russia election “collusion” causes some confusion upon further examination: Someone has yet to explain to me how speaking to a geopolitical foe during transition period is "collusion." I would hope dialogue takes place between an incoming president and others on the global stage.It looks like the timing (and […]


D’OH! Trump-triggered Jim Messina inspires ‘shameless’ shot & chaser

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Former Obama campaign manager and Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina’s self-awareness leaves something to be desired: Good morning @Messina2012, you toxic shameless hypocrite pic.twitter.com/FfVbp9IUlm — Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) May 17, 2017 You can’t make that up! The shot, from today: So sick of R's being "disturbed" or "concerned". Either you DO SOMETHING, or you […]